Helping students build emotional intelligence skills to help them thrive.

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We’re on a mission to help students build the social and emotional learning skills they need - now and in the future.


What is Levelhead-Ed?

Levelhead-Ed is a flexible, mobile learning program that can be utilized in the classroom to complement any course — from business to positive psychology to construction management to student orientation programs. Our micro-lessons are delivered to the students via their mobile device and provide students with the emotional intelligence skills they need to increase focus, reduce stress, boost creativity, build relationships, and more. We offer a modular program that covers up to 12 weeks of micro-lessons.

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How did Levelhead-Ed get started?

Levelhead started out as a mobile learning tool built for the workplace. With decades of experience working in corporate America, and after seeing the success in businesses across the country, we began to ask ourselves how we could positively impact and help people build these critical life skills before they enter the workforce. And, that’s when Levelhead-Ed was born.  

You can check out our beginnings here.

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Why do colleges & universities choose Levelhead-Ed?

We’ve done our research and we know what works. We employ a consultative style and provide all supporting materials to make it easy for instructors. Our practical, real-life approach resonates with students and our science-based, bite-sized lessons can be done anywhere, anytime via the Levelhead App.

Plus, Levelhead-Ed works well with online courses too - a challenge many colleges & universities face today. Our digital platform makes it perfect for the online student!

We’ve worked with public universities like the University of Wisconsin, private institutions such as Quinnipiac and Marquette Universities, and community colleges such as Glendale Community College in Arizona. Bottom line - Levelhead-Ed is proven to build focus and increase engagement.

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What topics are covered?

After significant research into the social and emotional skills students need, we designed our modular program to cover topics such as Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Focus & Attention, Stress & Anxiety, Empathy, Building Relationships, and more!

With over 120 micro-lessons ranging from 2-6 minutes, students find that it’s easy to incorporate into their day without adding too much to the plate.


“The only thing I wish I could do different is go back to a few years ago and start practicing earlier...”

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Dedicated to reversing the trends.

The statistics are staggering and we want to help reverse these trends. According to the 2018 National College Health Assessment Study, college students reported experiencing the following within the last year:

  • 62.3% experienced overwhelming anxiety

  • 41.4% felt so depressed it was difficult to function

  • 41.7% felt overwhelming anger

  • 11.3% seriously considered suicide

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